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Awesome Photos for Rad People

Blake - "I can honestly say that was the best money we have ever spent. Those all look freaking awesome!"

Jeanette - " First off let me just say how incredibly amazed Blake and I are about how gorgeous our pictures turned out! I have never heard Blake express happiness over spending money EVER in our relationship! Haha! You and Joe have true chemistry both as photographers and as a couple. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful gift.
Jeanette + Blake

"..We are so happy with the pictures. You have no idea! You both are so talented and awesome and we truly are so happy you guys are shooting us. :) "
Lee + Jonna

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! I was a nervous wreck and chewing GUM during part of the shoot until I remembered to spit it out (in Tim's hand oops). But they turned out FABULOUS! Can't get over how great they are! You and Joe are *singing the word* AWWWWEEEESSSOMMMEEEE!"
Tina + Tim

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