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Little Known Facts

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1) We like to go location scouting for awesome photography spots... our dates are really interesting

2) We both tend to quote movies a lot

3) We love trying new foods!

4) We have lots of random dance parties in our office...or in the car

5) We have a pup named Arya who is a cattle dog and is 100% play. (she also blends into everything which makes her excellent and hide n seek)

6) Marianne loves the romantic chic look. Joe likes a more modern Industrial style.

7) Marianne is allergic to blue food coloring (yes, really.) Joe is allergic to allergy medicine..... what DOES blue raspberry taste like??

8) Marianne is 5'4". Joe is 6'4" We like to think this gives us an advantage. Diversity in perspectives.

9) Joe proposed by staging a fake engagement shoot. Marianne said "Of Course!"

10) We got married February 12th, 2012 where we made our own Pies, brewed our own beer, and had a burgers and brats bar!

Bonus Facts!! We love Disneyland and have shot over 275 weddings together.

10 Random Facts About Us